About the Artist


As a mixed media artist, I enjoy using a variety of mediums and techniques... collage, acrylic painting on canvas, watercolour and ink, linocut prints, photography and digital & hand drawn illustrations. 

One of my favourite mediums is collage on wood... vintage, colourful, highly detailed and intricate compositions always possessing a narrative quality. I love mixed media collage because I can combine my paintbrush skills with my obsession with scissors. I can swoon over fabulous papers and patterns and immerse myself in finding vintage magazines, books and images. I love it because of its spontaneous and forgiving nature. It not only opens a world of impossible associations but can harmoniously link thoughts, styles and even artistic technique used throughout history. It breathes new life into old discarded forgotten art that should be appreciated and admired.

I also enjoy painting on canvas. I have been professionally painting for over 20 years. My acrylic paintings are textured without being heavy. Large whenever possible. And I tend to use a rich and colourful palette to bring my subject matter to life... usually incorporating wildlife or nature. 

It has been commented that my work possesses a distinctive contemporary style – a result of my strong background in graphic design and commercial illustration. That helps it all tie together. So it only made sense that my next step would be to create this EMPORIUM of artistic delights! ART + DESIGN = THIS. It is the solution to how I could make my art more accessible to those who like it.

I create. I photograph my original pieces. I use those images to design unique fashion and life decor. And the fabulous thing is... the more art I create the more things I can design!

On a happy and proud note, all the products I have chosen to be in my store have been carefully and slowly researched, tested and selected. My fine art prints are printed on Vancouver Island on ethically sourced substrates. It was important to me that my prints were created by someone I know and trust and where I could do press/quality checks in person on a regular basis. And my apparel and pillow covers  - they are printed and manufactured in Montreal, Canada using sustainable, eco friendly materials and are sweatshop free. Good things take time… all my pieces are made individually on demand so the footprint is kept to a minimum. I'm proud to now be part of the SLOW FASHION MOVEMENT!

So thanks for checking out my website now, but be sure to sign up below with your email and follow me on social media, because I promise I will always be featuring new products and designs as well as showcasing any new originals I have created.



PS. If you want to know even more about me. Check out this "Ask the Artist" interview I participated in last year.



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